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Airbrushing FAQ

What do I do before my airbrushing appointment?

Please schedule all manicures, pedicures, waxes, massages, or anything of the sort before your airbrushing, as these services may lift the tan from your skin.

Please arrive showered, shaven (or waxed). Exfoliation is recommended.

Do not schedule any workouts until after your first shower.

Leave skin bare. Do not apply cosmetics or heavy moisturizers. Anything oil-based creates a barrier between the solution and your skin, therefore not allowing for a proper application.

We advise all pregnant women to consult with their physician before any airbrushing appointments.

Can I schedule a waxing appointment right before my airbrushing appointment?

We suggest a 24 time period in between hair removal and airbrushing. With that being said, depending on sensitivity levels, some people are able to get waxing earlier in the day, go home, take a shower, and return in the evening for an airbrushing.

What do I wear?

We advise customers to wear cotton and loose clothing entering their airbrushing appointment. We allow for drying time, but your tan develops even after you have left and very tight clothing can alter final results. Also, although our solution is water-based, we do not guarantee clothing.

During your appointment, it is your personal preference. Our airbrush experts are experienced and very professional. Whatever is left on, unfortunately, will leave a tan line. If you chose to wear undergarments, we suggest a darker color.

WOMEN: Although it is not required, most women wear some sort of bottom undergarment.
MEN: Bottom required.

If you have long hair, please bring a hairtie.

If the weathers calls for rain or snow, please be prepared with a hood or umbrella to shield you from any water that could skew results.

What happens after I leave XO?

Since your tan is still developing and needs time to settle, we ask that you not shower for at least 6-8 hours. This first shower locks in the color.

We ask that you do not participate in anything that will make you sweat, until after your first shower.

No creams/moisturizers/cosmetics until after your first shower.

After your first shower, we suggest moisturizing to keep your tan longer.

How long will it last?

Your tan can last anywhere from 7-10 days depending on the person and skin type.